Why use Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is the ultimate way to quickly, easily and cheaply automate repetitive office work.  Think about how much time we spend doing routine computer tasks that involve thoughtless and endless repetition.  Sure there are plenty of great tools available that can help with all types of routine office work.  These tools are awesome but they still require repetitive human interaction and don't always offer flexible or affordable customization.  RPA delivers a capability that goes beyond these traditional tools because it allows you to simply automate mouse and keyboard actions. Over the past several decades of computer innovation why hasn't the mouse or keyboard ever evolved?  There aren't any good answers but there is now something so much better.  RPA is like an autopilot for your laptop or desktop computer.  Simply tell it where to click or type and watch it do dozens of repetitive tasks all day long!  RPA will absolutely maximize your productivity by f

How to Use BridenBot

BridenBot is an application that was designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use for individuals of any skill level.  These are some basic instructions to help with getting started. How to use BridenBot: -Install the latest Java update from ( -Download BridenBot to a folder on your computer -Create a new text file in the folder and name it Bridenstructions.txt -Add some of the instructions below to the text file -Double click on BridenBot to begin automation Available Instructions: -Pause for a number of seconds: PAUSE(10) -Double click mouse at coordinates: DCLICK(100,100) -Left click mouse at coordinates: LCLICK(100,100) -Right click mouse at coordinates: RCLICK(100,100) -Move mouse to coordinates: MOUSETO(100,100) -Move mouse in a direction: MOUSEMOVE(10,-10) -Reset instructions to a designated point: RESET(POINT1) -Designate a point for instructions to restart from: SET(POINT1) -Resets instructions if a word or color mismatch is detected: CHECK(he

BridenBot Doing CRM

Check out this RPA demo of BridenBot automatically loading info from Zillow into a CRM tool.  What would you like to do automatically?

Recording Actions with BridenBot

One of BridenBot's most useful features is the ability to record actions and then play them back over and over again.  You can record a single action or create a loop to record multiple actions in a row.   To set up a recording loop add the following instructions to your Bridenstructions file. After starting BridenBot you will see the record action drop down menu appear.  Use the dropdown menu to pick an action from the list that you would like to record.  For example, if you'd like to record yourself clicking on a certain point on the screen you'd select LCLICK(?,?) then click the OK button.  After clicking the OK button the message below will appear. Think for a moment where on your screen you would like this action to take place.  Click the OK button and then quickly move your mouse cursor to the right spot.  Wait for the action to take place and for the record action menu to reappear.  Continue to record as many actions as you like by repeating the steps above.  W

BridenBot Completing a PPP Form

Check out this RPA demo of BridenBot automatically filling out a PPP form in less than 60 seconds!  What would you like to do automatically?

Robotic Process Automation Q&A

Will RPA be able to [insert repetitive computer task here]? Yes!  RPA simply allows you to build sequences for your mouse and keyboard and also react to what is visible on the computer screen.  Generally, if the work is repetitive and can be done with a personal computer then absolutely the answer is yes. Is RPA expensive? It depends.  Basic tools can range anywhere from free to hundreds of dollars.  More advanced tools can cost thousands of dollars or may even charge a subscription fee. How long will it take to learn how to use RPA? It depends.  If you're fairly good with software tools such as Excel then it could take a week to learn a basic tool and maybe a month to learn a more advanced one.  If you're not so good then stick with a basic tool for a month and see how it goes. Do I need to know how to code to use RPA? Knowing how to code will give you a better understanding of what is happening in the background but with most RPA tools this is not required.  The whole purpose

BridenBot Processing 1,000 Invoices

Check out this RPA demo of BridenBot automatically processing 1,000 invoices.  What would you like to do automatically?

BridenBot Trading Stocks

Check out this latest RPA video of BridenBot trading Apple stock with Thinkorswim.  What would you like to do automatically?