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Hello BridenBot!

My name is Anthony Bridenbaugh and this past year I've immersed myself deeply in Robotic Process Automation technology.  I've found this particular technology to be so fascinating and such a game changer for the automation of routine office work that I've taken the opportunity to develop my own RPA application.  Although this project took away all of my spare time for several months I'm excited to say that I'll never be burdened by a boring stack of busy work ever again! Why use Robotic Process Automation? Robotic Process Automation is the ultimate way to quickly, easily and cheaply automate repetitive office work.  Think about how much time we spend doing routine computer tasks that involve thoughtless and endless repetition.  Sure there are plenty of great tools available that can help with all types of back office operations.  These tools are awesome but they still require repetitive human interaction and don't always offer flexible or affordable customiz