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How to Use BridenBot

BridenBot is an RPA application that was designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use for individuals of any skill level.  These are some basic instructions to help with getting started. How to use BridenBot: -Check that you have the latest Java update from ( -Save BridenBot to a folder on your computer -Create a new text file in the folder and name it Bridenstructions.txt -Add some instructions to the text file -Double click on the BridenBot to start Available Instructions: -Pause for a number of seconds: PAUSE(10) -Double click mouse at coordinates: DCLICK(100,100) -Left click mouse at coordinates: LCLICK(100,100) -Right click mouse at coordinates: RCLICK(100,100) -Move mouse to coordinates: MOUSETO(100,100) -Move mouse in a direction: MOUSEMOVE(10,-10) -Reset instructions to a designated point: RESET(POINT1) -Designate a point for instructions to restart from: SET(POINT1) -Resets instructions if a word or color mismatch is detected: CHECK(hello, POI