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Robotic Process Automation Q&A

Will RPA be able to [insert repetitive computer task here]? Yes!  RPA simply allows you to build sequences for your mouse and keyboard and also react to what is visible on the computer screen.  Generally, if the work is repetitive and can be done with a personal computer then absolutely the answer is yes. Is RPA expensive? It depends.  Basic tools can range anywhere from free to hundreds of dollars.  More advanced tools can cost thousands of dollars or may even charge a subscription fee. How long will it take to learn how to use RPA? It depends.  If you're fairly good with software tools such as Excel then it could take a week to learn a basic tool and maybe a month to learn a more advanced one.  If you're not so good then stick with a basic tool for a month and see how it goes. Do I need to know how to code to use RPA? Knowing how to code will give you a better understanding of what is happening in the background but with most RPA tools this is not required.  The whole purpose

Computer Vision with BridenBot

Another one of BridenBot's most useful features is the ability to sense and react to what is visible on the computer screen.  Use CHECK to examine the pixel color under the mouse cursor.  If the color values of the pixel match the values provided in parenthesis then BridenBot will move on to the next step.  If the values do not match then BridenBot will reset itself to a designated SET point. In this example the mouse cursor will move to the point (912,618), wait ten seconds and then check for a certain color at that point.  If BridenBot sees the right color then it will press the left mouse button.  If BridenBot does not see the color then it will jump back to SET(P1), wait ten more seconds and then check again.  This set up is helpful if you are trying to click a button on a webpage but are not sure how long it will take for the button to appear.  With CHECK BridenBot will check every ten seconds for the button and then click on it as soon as it appears. The same can be done w