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Why use Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is the ultimate way to quickly, easily and cheaply automate repetitive office work.  Think about how much time we spend doing routine computer tasks that involve thoughtless and endless repetition.  Sure there are plenty of great tools available that can help with all types of routine office work.  These tools are awesome but they still require repetitive human interaction and don't always offer flexible or affordable customization.  RPA delivers a capability that goes beyond these traditional tools because it allows you to simply automate mouse and keyboard actions. Over the past several decades of computer innovation why hasn't the mouse or keyboard ever evolved?  There aren't any good answers but there is now something so much better.  RPA is like an autopilot for your laptop or desktop computer.  Simply tell it where to click or type and watch it do dozens of repetitive tasks all day long!  RPA will absolutely maximize your productivity by f